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Hey, Milan!
The brew is short a few things!
I suppose you want me to go get them...?

Maybe if you got them for yourself once in a while you wouldn't have to worry about me forgetting.
Of course.
Here's a list of the things you forgot...

Ugh! Cin is so lazy!
Oh well...
Guess I should get on decoding her handwriting!

Heh... it's horrible

Hmm.. I think it reads, "Turtle Shell."
Ew, some of those gross glowy mushrooms by the swamp. She uses those all the time.
Not really sure here, gonna take a wildcard guess... Crickets? Sounds good enough to me. She didn't really specify how many she needs or anything though. Oh well!

Gotcha, slippery bastard... I do wonder how many of these she'll need...
Ewwwwww! I hate dealing with these glowy mushrooms. They stink.
Oh, it's empty! How convenient!

That didn't take long at all!