Nima's Art


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If you're here in search of colourful artwork to fill your, a friend's, or a loved one's wall, desktop, harddrive or whatever, you're in luck!
I do primarily character artwork with simple backgrounds and fun colours, in various styles! And keep it family-friendly!

Price Guide

Single Character:
Sketch: $10.00
Flat colour: $25.00
Cel Shaded: $35.00
Digital painting: $45.00

Two Characters:
Add 50% of the price for the piece you want.

Other: Flat colour reference sheets: $35 for characters that are quite simple, more complex characters with many colours will cost more and can be discussed.
Also, for a sheet of unrefined sketches, usually somewhere around 5 per page, it is $25.

There are plenty of examples in my gallery, and I'm willing to tailor my style a bit if you see a certain piece you're fond of and want something similar to!

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