How did you get started?
When I was really small, my brother and I played imaginary games where we would make up characters and storylines. When we couldn't make lots of noise around the house or we didn't feel like actually playing, we'd draw our characters, instead, on giant reams of old-fashioned perforated computer paper that my mom brought home from her work. As I grew older, read books and comic books and started watching anime, I did this more on my own, which was the beginning of both my art and my writing career.

What media have you worked in?
I had the blessing of being in a well-funded and specialized art program in high school at Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio. Between my high school program and my college career, I have worked with media including but not limited to: graphite drawing, charcoal drawing, chalk & oil pastel, colored pencil, pen and ink, scratchboard, linoleum block printing (both single and multiple colors), silk screen printing, fibers and beadwork, woodworking, acrylic painting, oil painting, tempura painting, water color, various methods of claywork, wire sculpture, soap carving, plaster carving, stone carving, and digital media.

Digital media includes both exclusively digital work as well as 2D/Digital hybrid works. The digital programs I am familiar with are: Adobe Photoshop CS2 / CS3 / CS4, Adobe After Effects CS3, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Autodesk Maya 2008, and Corel Painter X.

What themes do you explore in your art? What inspires you?

My work, whether for class or for personal enjoyment, is based first on the visual and then the possible meanings that might be discovered through interpretation. Some pieces speak on environmental issues, some are merely character designs, some are illustrations, and some aim for a particular mood. (One of my series included on this website is deeply inspired by the Silent Hillę video game series, for example.)