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ArtC 331, intermediate interactive art, is a great class. The knowlege I have gained from this course has given me a solid foundation onto which I can start building a successful portflio of interactive work. The instructor, Laura Rusnak, was very knowlegable and a great person to work with.

Reading what other digital artists had to say about interactivity really helped me to grasp the concept of using it as an artistic medium. After writing and contemplating each reading I was able to start building my own opinions personal artistic style.
The net art site was truely a breakthrough for me and is what I consider my greatest acomplishment of the semester. With this piece I really let go of everything preconception I had of interactive art and simply did what I wanted to do. After this piece coding became much easier as well.
I am very pleased with the overall visual look of this piece. Because I understood the coding of the assignemt I was able to spent most of my time developing the characters and background.
As frustrating as this piece was I am happy with the final result. I look back on my final as a learning experience and a reason to continue using and learning about Flash. The possibilities this program offers are extremely appealing to me and I am excited to dive into the challenge of learning them all!