Something shiny caught

the mouse's eye, while it was sitting

in its little home.

A beast attacked it

as it gave into greed, sending the

mouse on a journey across a tabletop.

The mouse climbed with all its

might in order to escape the beast,

however, the mysterious sparkle was forgotten.

Quickly diving for cover in

a napkin, the mouse avoided

the eyes of the beast.

left eye
right eye
left eyeball
right eyeball

The mouse sneakily evaded

the beast, but they would meet again.

Suddenly, the mouse smelled

something yummy.

Turns out it was cheese, so the

mouse said, "Yes please!"

A sad yet sweet song

entered the ears of the mouse.

The mouse followed the

voice to find true love.

The mouse danced with its love.

The beast heard the music

and chased the mouse home.

Sleep overcame the tired mouse,

but not before it realized it had

forgotten the ssparkling object.

It vowed to find it, but not before

a good night's rest.