Artist Statement

I have always wanted to create things that make others smile. By using animation and artistic creations I have managed to address this desire. Animation and digital imagery allows me to create new worlds and new experiences purely through my mind without the limitations of the physical world.


Comedy is a powerful tool that I have found to be excellent at breaking the ice. Many times I will use this method when it comes to reaching out to a new audience.


When it comes to the mediums I choose, I lean towards heavy visuals that will create the greatest impact. Through the use of moving pictures and images, I have found a way to not only fully realize the concepts I wish to convey, but also manage to reach an all new audience through the Internet, allowing anyone to enjoy my creations.


This doesn't mean I limit myself to only creating with the computer. My personal desire to expand horizons has led me to experiment with all sorts of mediums. This can range from traditional artworks such as painting and drawing, to 3d sculpture and metalworking. While I enjoy them immensely, I always fall back to the limitless feeling of creating a world one pixel at a time.


In the end, my goal with art is to tell stories and engage the viewers in a way that leaves them better off than they were before. This can be accomplished through an altered perspective of the world around them, or something as simple as a smile.