From a young age, characters, and their designs have always fascinated me. The way that drawings can convey ideas and emotions, and connect to people on a base level is intriguing. Animated characters can bring families together, and move people to tears. I want to fill drawings with personality, and life. To design characters that make people happy, some that makes people seethe, and others sad. I design characters, because I enjoy bringing new creations to life. To give them fears, hopes, dreams, even families. I love imagining them in different situations, and how each one would react differently from another. This is why I want to pursue a career in character design and storyboarding.

        Often, my work begins as a pencil drawing. Usually just one, but even the smallest doodle can become a new character in any story. Give it a goal, a flaw, a landscape, and you have it. The emphasis of my artwork is the expression and pose of each being. The important decisions of an artwork are how to portray an emotion through pose and expression; the slight tilt of a head, an ear, or a tail. Is a paw raised? Eyebrows up, or down? Is the mouth slightly open? The possibilities are endless, and it is my job to find the perfect combination applied in each drawing. Deciding these types of details excites me to my very core, and I face each difficulty with brilliant intensity and determination.

        I begin a piece by thinking of an emotion, a pose, and how I can connect that with an image or character. A piece is done when it looks alive, and everyone who views it can feel what the character is feeling. They can easily see a character, as a person, instead of a drawing. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of fulfillment, energy, and being alive.

        Contained in this site are many of the characters I have been designing throughout life. Each has changed, and gained new attributes, as I have added knowledge and ideas from others and my own experience. These works are some of my first endeavors into the official character design business, and I am wonderfully pleased with the results. When people see my work, I'd like them to see the character as I do, to believe that each character and drawing is living, breathing, and has feelings.