Yet another image of Ryan in a centaur format. While it doesn't actually illustrate anything specific (e.g. an event) from the story, it does demonstrate Ryan's status as a sort of deity. In the end of it, sure, he becomes the God of Death, but in every other respect, he's easily viewed as a demigod while still alive. However, this image seems to portray him in a much more respectable light, as opposed to being the monstrosity I usually render him as. I suppose everyone deserves a chance from either point of view. He could be seen as a noble creature who was only the victim of social conditioning and programming, or he could be seen as someone who, despite being predisposed towards the absolute destruction of self and everything around him, could have made the effort to change his 'destiny' and be a 'good, productive' member of society. In all honesty, it seems that the composition of one's self isn't just their genes, nor their experiences, but what they make of it and how they react to all of it. Two identical people with similar pasts could, in fact, choose different solutions to similar problems. Much in the same way that, even though Ryan and Hokoriko (his twin sister) are twins, are both inherently violent, and both raised in fairly militaristic fashions, one imploded upon himself and tried his best to drag everything in with him every time, and the other turned her energies towards becoming a mercenary and actively participating in a civil war. And then killing her brother because she couldn't stand the sort of creature he was, but that's besides the point.
There are easily two points to everything, and all this diversion from the subject just comes back to, 'I could have drawn Ryan in the usual fashion but chose not to'.