Nothing is complete with out ninjas. Or ninja priests. Which is what this is. Well, to be frank, I've been trying to design the types of garments priests and the like would wear for the various deities in Ameisen. I came up with this sort of design in a notebook, and then I decided to draw it out here. They would never work out as Ninja, since the flowing robes and so on would be too easily caught up by limbs or anything else, but, if they're just doing things for show and ceremony, it should work out for the priests. This design would be identical for each temple, save for the masks and colours, which would be different depending on the god or goddess they served. This one would serve Taina, goddess of honour. Fox-Faced and Brown for Seidan ( goddess of life), Bird Skulled and Orange for Omburun (god of fire), and so on.