Another character from our table top games. I don't really know what else to say about him, though: He's an anthropomorphised maned wolf who works as a ranger, although he does it only as an excuse to do other things, his name is Johann but whether that's his real name or not is unknown, and he's fairly selfish.
On the other hand, the image its self was a test in technique in painter: I did this with out using more than the background layer in Painter, and no erasing. No sketching, even. I decided I wanted to see what would happen to do an image entirely with the vine charcoal tool, from start to finish, in a single colour. And this is the result from that day. I actually rather enjoy this technique, although it can take me an extremely long amount of time. Still, I think it's the best way I have to do fur and hair, and I'll often drag files over into Painter in order to do those details with the charcoal, and then toss them back into Photoshop for the rest.