This was my final project in Digital Painting (fall, 2005). It's design is derived from WWI and WWII posters, generally the American and British ones ( although the Russian ones were pretty fantastic, they followed a completely different format than what I had in mind). It's got to do with the same story as the last project, Ameisen, only it's not imparting anything terribly important about the story. I thought it would be interesting to do this type of poster, though, and it gave me a chance to work out some of the nuances for the technology in the story. Although I doubt I'll keep with walking tanks, since really, they're not that viable. :P They're cool, but they're not really sensible for field use. Even if it's the type of thing that shows up in... everything. :P Also played with the layout, fonts, and the character to show 'bad-assery' (which is now a word, by my decree).