About Me and Contact Info

Till Renta hails from Dayton, Ohio, being born during the winter months many a moon ago. He has been very much interested in illustration and character design since a young age, where he began drawing his dear pet cat, Taina, as a dreadful but honorable knight. He drew comics of her exploits then, turning a tiny cat into a fearsome warrior, and continues doing small comic projects to this day, although he has become more interested in destroying the traditional page alignment in favour of more interesting ones, which also forgo much dialogue.

He is currently a senior at Bowling Green State University, battling the daemons of finances, the junior audit, and his own ever waning sanity for a bachelors degree in Digital Art. Combining these factors with his two lovely children, Gawain and Ada, one can be very certain that he will be thoroughly mad by his graduation in December of 2007.

Within illustration, he is also interested in mixing media, whether it be using several different programs in order to finish a single piece digitally (He generally mixes Photoshop, Painter, Art Rage and Open Canvas together), or (his favourite) mixing different forms of traditional media together in a single piece. Just watercolour or markers or inks alone is nice, but he finds it more interesting and amusing to mix these together in order to achieve as much desired texture as possible. Some things just look better done with a specific tool, like fur with pencil or backgrounds with watercolour.

Although his years of schooling have been extended by a love affair with languages, Till still continues to pursue and hone whatever toungues he can, although he is generally focusing on German for the moment. His dream is to some day work over seas, and if he can manage to wield another language with any sort of proficiency, he could.

In his free time, what little there is, Till generally spends time with the Wii, DS, and the Internet, and if they're not completely dead themselves, his friends and aquaintances. He also finds happiness in collecting figures, painting miniatures, and sewing costumes.

Till is easily reached by email at srenta (at) bgsu (dot) edu .