The Sentinel's Soul

Birds bother farmer folk, straw folk no longer scare well. Decide to help by...

Attract Birds

Scare with Light

Swat Away

Birds always kind to me, they leave fields alone

Birds not listen, keep pecking in fields

Light is strong, scare nice birds away

Light not bother birds, they like pretty light

Air pushes birds away, they stay away from me and fields

Birds hard to keep away, too small

Big tower, they call abbey, needs repair. I assist by...

Hold up Workmen

Deliver Materials

Fix on Own

I good platform, town folk repair tower

Town folk have trouble standing on me, I tried

I enjoy bring heavy things, much easier for me than town folk

Platform fell, barely caught town folk, dropped wood things

I fix stone well, tower will look pretty

I accidentally push down wall, now more work

Bridge out of town fell, town folk need way across. Decide to help...

Offer self as Bridge

Craft Temporary Wooden Bridge

Use Boulders

I just as good as stone bridge, use arms to help town folk cross

I not as flat as old bridge, some town folk fall

I help make wood bridge, it work for now

Wood bridge not stable in river, falls apart

I strong, move big rocks where small rocks once stood

Big rocks fix bridge, river not flow right anymore now

Very big tree, wood person need help to bring down. I like old tree, but help by...

Push Over

Use Energy Beam to Cut

Tear Out

I gently push big tree down, it fall nicely

Big tree snap while pushed, not whole tree for wood person

Use eye to cut tree with concentrated heat, very precise

Uh oh, accidentally burn tree with energy beam

I strong, pull out tree with ease

Pull out tree, but it break in hands

Bright fruit harvest time, always help tree folk gather. This year I...

Hold up Tree Folk

Shake Trees


I like holding people up, they easily collect fruit with care

Some tree folk stumble while I hold, some fall and lose fruit... Clumsy tree folk

I shake trees to make bright fruit fall

I shake too hard, break few trees

I use body to shake earth, trees kindly drop fruit

Shake Earth, trees give more than just fruit, too early for leaves to fall

The light of one's actions is a reflection of one's being