Hi! I'm Rachel, a student at Bowling Green State University. Art is and always has been my passion, even if I didn't always know it. I had always been a creative child and enjoyed art class throughout school, but it wasn't until my junior year of highschool that I decided to make it my career, when in an art class we watched a documentary on Pixar Animation. It changed my life. Suddenly I went from having no idea what to major in in college to having a plan.

I am currently in school getting my degree in digital art, and hope to do concept work after I graduate. I began my college career at Wright State University, but transferred after two years because they did not have a digital art program. I loved the WSU school and community, but I wanted to get a digital art degree.

Creating characters is my favorite thing to do, because it gives me the opportunity to explore different parts of my personality that rub off onto the character (even if it's unintentional).