Artist's Statement

Reality can be very trying for many, and humans long for control over something, anything within it. However, as an artist, I have the power to take control over a reality of my own creation. In this reality, I can tweak aspects to my liking and create beings to live in my world that wouldn't normally exist. Through my art, I can tell a story--be it a story of love, happiness, anger, or despair. I always want to convey something no matter what it is that I am doing and I can make the emotions of a particular setting whatever I want them to be. I want others to be able to relate to a character or feel what is within a scene even if it isn't 100% "realistic", so I have to stay within some realms of possibility.

When I look at other artworks, I focus on what type of reality that particular artist is trying to convey. Is everything hyper-realistic or is it stylized and implied? I try to keep in mind different techniques that achieve various ends and apply them to my own art. Pencils and paper are typically the media that I use the most often. I believe that it has to do with my affinity for the look of an artwork that comes from a pinpoint graphite application. In addition, I also love the look and feel of digital paint. I can really manipulate different details in the artwork in terms of texture and look in a different way from more conventional methods and I have the freedom to micromanage a piece a lot more in a digital medium. I try to work as freely as possible, but often find myself falling into a set regimen for creating, especially when it comes to my characters.

Whenever I work on characters, I always try to find interesting poses to utilize. I think about what these poses can convey about a specific character. In addition, everything from the color scheme and even the material of clothing a character is wearing can say so much about that characters' personality. However, I can also use this to trick the onlooker. A good character always has multiple facets beneath the surface. A good character always has a larger story to tell. I have seen a lot of interesting characters through novels, animations, and games, and while many of them can appear cookie-cutter and generic on the surface, many have something unique to bring to the table. My ultimate goal is to create characters that can stand the test of time and speak out to an audience.