Always a fan of different fine arts, Ronnie frequently finds himself involved in multiple things at once. From music, to writing, to drawing, he usually has something that he loves to keep himself occupied. Growing up in Oak Park, Michigan, Ronnie attended Einstein Elementary School and Roosevelt Middle School, and was involved in their respective choirs throughout. It was during middle school that he began working on a fictional novel series.

For his high school career, he ventured out of his hometown and attended Berkley High School. During this period, he became involved in the drama department, as well as maintaining connections with the art and music realms. Ronnie received letters in both Choir and Drama. Normally a very reserved person, Ronnie made connections with others through putting together different musical acts and performing at school functions.

Always having an affinity for video games as well as animation, and realizing that he had little inside knowledge about the processes that went into them, he declared a Digital Arts major upon entering Bowling Green State University. He still tries to remain connected to his other passions, however, and continues song and story-writing, in addition to playing piano and singing. He also assembles a concert group each year at Bowling Green State University through the Arts Village Learning Community.