Graphic Design is one of my favorite parts of design -- between layouts and typography, it is a strong interest for me. These are some works I created. I will definitely be adding more in the future. Some tools I've used include Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.

        Most recently, I designed wedding invitations for a wedding taking place in May 2013. I worked with the client to create the visuals she pictured along with each card/part she requested. The logotype and stationery set were part of a project to redesign and update a company logo. Not only did it focus down the feel of the company, but had to be flexible with color and without. The JK Rowling poster was taking an important figure of the last 30 years, and describing their life in a visual way with a short biography. It was meant to respect layout, text, and altering a font without changing the essence of the original. While the visual chart is displaying the movies I had seen over a ten year time span through use of graphs and graphic representation.