Hey, I'm Peter Mette.
You can say I've come a long way from where I was a year ago. working through the digital arts I've discovered on thing.
Its not a matter of skill, but rather a matter creativity and stamina. Its an endurance race, but I'm determined to run its full length.
Finishing up what is my second year at Bowling Green I find myself thinking of what brought me here besides the satire of getting away from home.
I would have to say it was all a matter of luck, that an advisor one day stopped me before I turned my bakc on this universty forever. Fate stepped in some would say.
It turned out for the better in the end having learned what I have is a gift few are blessed with and where I should give up I persaver forward in hopes of sucess.

So What do I want to do with life well here it is. I want to be confident in my art. I want to be able to live and breath freely as I walk through the oceans of people on the earth
That is absolutly all I can say right now about my life. I let the winds and those waves carry me where they will.

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