I have to buy a family car, but I want something sporty.

The car has to have room for the kids and groceries. Blah, blah, blah...

Surely has to be able to pass every soccer mom's van with ease.

I want the car to look more sporty, so I buy some nice wheels.

Since I bought wheels the car needs a better






Some friends pursuade me to race the car and of course I can't say no.

The car doesn't handle that good, so I buy secondary suspension parts.

After that I deside the car needs better tires to


the surface more.

Since I can grip the surface better, I can take the turns


When you can take the turns faster you can add more power to the car.

So I add secondary engine modifications to increase the cars power.

After adding more power I need seat that can keep my butt planted in the seat, so I buy racing seats.

Since I upgraded the seats I might as well upgrade the interior with race guages and a race style steering wheel too.

After racing a while, the car is bound to break parts...

When the motor breaks and suspension fails this means time for more upgrades.

I install a motor with more power and increase the boost to the turbo.

Now I need a better suspension to handle the power, so I install coilovers.

I start subtracting weight and making new parts to make the car accelerate faster.

First to go was the radio and speakers. Then the airbags, powersteering, and then the air-conditioning followed.

My wife and kids now hate how the car rides. They don't like it in the summer because it gets to hot. They are bored because it has no radio. On top of that it bounces over every little bump in the road. Blah, blah, blah...

Now I have to buy

another car.