Chris Perkins

Digital Artist

247 Thomas Avenue

Munroe Falls, OH 44262

(330)688-7355 or (330) 289-7979





Education:  Stow High School, 1986

                     Bowling Green State University, BFA in digital art, 2005




Job History:  Sole proprietor of a newspaper delivery company working for the Akron Beacon   

                       Journal, 1981-2000

                       F.W. Albrecht Grocery Co., position of checker/clerk 1987-present




Salary History: Commission work for Akron Beacon Journal averaging $300/month

                           Currently at F.W. Albrecht Grocery Co. $12.75/hr.

                           Yearly gross salary: Approx. $29,000 full time




Skills: Excellent computer skills. Assembled own computer using purchased parts. Quick study

           of software.

           Good math and organization skills. Handled accounts payable and receivable for paper

           delivery business.

           Two years of experience with Maya.

           Two years experience with Photoshop.

           Some experience with html and visual basic programming.






References: Keith Brown, Manager, Acme #4     (330)450-0465

                     Kevin Mayer, associate                     (330)945-7263

                     Christine Karcher, associate              (330)676-1728