A new planet, and another chance at

survival. This forgotten place should

provide the resources necessary to

continue what is left of our community.

The Velour III has seen most of the

galaxy, yet only felt the soil of a

select few planets. Our journey needs

us to use caution and move quickly.

The community grows restless inside

the Velour III. Our arrival here is all but

routine, and our need to continue the

journey drives us.

Name: Velour III

Class: Economy Freighter

Maximum Capacity: 20

Initial test results of the

soil seem to indicate a high

level of fertility. Further

investigation is required.


Captain Dirk leads the landing of the

Velour III and the community as the

first steps are taken upon this

new sanctuary. The ceremonial flag

is plunged into the fresh soil.

Initial scans show several hostile

lifeforms are present in this

area. Captain Arma bravely sets

out to plant the ceremonial flag

despite the possible dangers.

As the first steps are taken on the new

and fresh soil of this planet, initial scans

and tests are already being readied,

performed, and logged by members of the

community still aboard the Velour III.

The crew remains inside the

Velour III as their bodies

stabilize and adjust to the

gravity of this new planet.

Name: Patrick Dirk

Title: Captain

Captain Dirk has dedicated his

life to the good of the search.

Name: Lindsay Arma

Title: Captain

Captain Arma will stop at nothing

to find our final destination.

Name: Arthur Davis

Title: Captain

Captain Davis strives for accuracy

and efficiency.


Construction begins immediately on

the complex that will serve as our

home until more resources are found.

We’ve become quite efficient at

erecting this structure.

This new structure will serve as the

hub of our activities, as well as a

shelter from the elements. Harsh

environmental conditions will soon

overtake this area.

The results from our tests show

large clay and iron deposits in

this location. We quickly gather

reserves of these materials and

begin creating a new complex.

The sun is located just far

enough from this planet to

place our new home in the

‘goldilocks’ zone.

Name: Complex

Type: Multipurpose Building

Max Capacity: 1,000

Details: Built with the last

remaining supplies.


Structures sprawl accross the

landscape in search of resources so

that our journey across the galaxy

can continue.

Supplies begin to wear thin as

we locate the last few reserves of

fuel in the vicinity. The Velour III

will be ready to embark again soon.

The observatory is one of the last

structures for us to build. We are

forever searching for the end of our

journey, even when we are at rest.

Our rapid expansion coupled with the

eventual depletion of resources make this

planet increasingly unfit for our

continued inhabitance.

Pollution is an unfortunate side

effect of our need to quickly

gather materials and develop

much needed resources.


Finally, it becomes necessary to leave this

planet in search of another to sustain our

livelihood. Our journey continues.

As we leave this planet behind, our eyes are

trained on the next destination with hope that

it will be our last.

Our journey continues, leaving one more empty

planet in our wake. Our journey continues,

with no end in sight.

Thousands of prospective planets, solar systems,

and galaxies shimmer in the distance as we continue

searching for the center of the universe.

Our temporary home is now

depleted of resources and value.


A new era begins as we draw closer

to this new planet that so closely

resembles our home from so long ago.

Just like the last planet at which

we arrived, there is an abundant

supply of materials here.

Our journey leads us to this all too

familiar planet. We cannot afford to

push forward without harvesting it.

Type: Terrestrial

Size: Medium

Description: Active hydrosphere, iron deposits, vegetation