About the Artist:

I was born in Marysville, Ohio in 1986 and have lived there most of my life. I grew up with a wide variety of popular culture as influences, namely comic books. In elementary through high school, I taught myself how to draw like comic book artists and continuously improved my drawing skills throughout the years. In 2004, I took an interest in digital arts and started attending Bowling Green State University. I am currently in my Junior year of college and still learning new programs and what exactly I want to do with the mediums.

I have a very offbeat since of humor and a positive outlook on life and when I can incorporate those things, I feel my artwork is more successful. I attempt to resist using my art as a means of complaining about something, but rather using negatives to be something you can laugh at or simply overcome in the end.

Contact Info:

mmaxwel@bgnet.bgsu.edu or maxface9@gmail.com
(937) 243-1874
15980 Allen Center Road
Marysville, OH 43040