Journal Entry March 1, 2006

The creation of net art is relatively new. It is a very viable form for an expanding media not to mention the ability for one to reach a large audience with out having to be published. While the net art may still be in its early stages it is becoming very diverse in its styles and execution leadingto the continuing dialogue of where the artistic line begins and ends.

One of the works that I picked was the project The net art project deals with the evolution of the internet and the "land" conquests that go along with the domain. The site was created as a political statement about the rediculous accusations made by the newer company eToys and the openly warlike attitudes about space and the rights assoctiated with it. While simple in design it reached its audience in large numbers and made an incredible impact based on concept and not aestetics. I really like the use of the internet as a political comentary. I think that by working through a nonlinier form we see the distiction between the we design and art, but also the focus on expression over functionality. Even though the work in essance actually contradited itself by instead of only protecting itself through awareness, actually led to the demise of the waring company eToys. I think that the project is well executed and started the internet in a new direction about the use of the web.

Another net art site that has resently acted as a information base for the relationship between money and power is Futurefarm's "They Rule" The site works much like the site by supplying the audience with a view on political view with less bias. While ToyWar was mainly for a personal vendetta and very much a display of modern war over the internet and the power involved, They Rule is more based on the unbiased depiction of the power relationships between the board members of major corporations. It allows the viewer to interact with the work rather than just witness as well as lets the viewer think for themselves rather than being told. While complex in code developement and creation it is relevtively streamlined and simple in layout allowing for easy exploration. The project boarders the line between a work of art and a commercial web site. While the concept is simple it is very powerful in execution.

The final work that I was very much impressed by was the project Heritage Gold. The work graples the social reliance on heritage a the racial view attributed to that. While the artwork might not fit into the category of web it still retains aspects that have been accredited by the web. Not only does it build off a program that was meant for something else as net art does, it also involves many interactive aspects into the program. Heritage Gold's interactivity much like They Rule forces the viewer to control the work and be introspective. The work is a wonderful dialoge on the racial society structure and white privilage.