I am an artist and a programmer.

My strong suits are 3D modeling, Photoshop, and web programming.

My resume lists a variety of software and skills that can be applied to many roles.

Efficiency and attention to detail is very important to me. I will obsess over a project until it is completed with high quality.

While I am an artist, I approach my art with scientific precision. I make sure every pixel is lined up to be aesthetically pleasing to the best of my abilities.

I'm dedicated to my work and love to make art. While playing games, I study the textures and models of their assets to further my understanding the art and how other artists are creating worlds. My attention to details is what I pride myself with when it comes to my work.

The speed at which I model and draw is quite fast. My primary skills with modeling are making props, weapons, vehicles, and buildings. I am also proficient with modeling characters as well. My drawing skills are best with armor, weapons, and vehicles design. So I can do concept artwork as well.

My coding skills include HTML5, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. I have also worked with C++.

I enjoy writing fiction as a pass time. Currently, I am working on two novel series.

Gary Tsun Tsin Leung



Bowling Green State University (BGSU), Bowling Green, OH
Years:August, 2009 - May, 2014
GPA:3.57 cum ladude
Major:Bachelor of Arts: Digital Arts
Bachelor of Science: Computer Science
Minors:Asian Studies and General Science
BGSU Honors Program
Recipient of the Centennial Scholarship
Languages:English, Cantonese, some experience with Mandarin and Japanese


Junior Associate (intern) at Rosetta Marketing Group as an internal facing web developer (2013)


3D modelingconcept artdigital painting
digital photo manipulationvideo editingwebpage design
2D animation3D animation3D model rigging
software developmentcomputer programmingphysical computing

C++Visual Basic

Adobe PhotoshopAutodesk MayaAdobe After Effects
Adobe DreamweaverMicrosoft Visual StudioMicrosoft office


  - 3D animation short
  - Center for Families and Children donation page redesign
  - An internal facing administration web for a Rosetta project
  - An online homework system for a professor using Agile development technique as part of a group project
  - An interactive informational website, including the art asset and coding, done solo
  - A note taking application using the waterfall model as part of a group project
  - A non-linear fictional narrative website, including art asset and coding, done solo


BGSU Honors Student Association:
 Member (2009-2013)
 Publicist (2011-2012)
BGSU Honors Learning Community:
 Member (2009- 2013)
BGSU Chinese Culture Club:
 Treasurer (2011- 2014)
 President (2010-2011)
 Vice President (2009-2010)
 Member (2006-2014)
BGSU Computer Art Club:
 Member (2010-2014)

3D Digitals

Mini Stealth Cruiser

2D Digitals

Military Armor Set Concept
Character Designs and Sketches
Vigilante Costume Design Evolution Sketches
Ship Schematic
Image Set 1
Image Set 2
Photo Manipulation


Queen of Heart
Sand Storm

Web and Interactive

About this site
I designed and coded this portfolio site myself with jQuery and Colorbox plug-ins.
The site is currently responsive for screen or browser windows smaller than 800 pixel and HD devices with pixel ratio of 2 and resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixel.
More compatibility to come if I can find more devices to test the site on.

Traditional Media

Sculpture and Paintings
Pencils Sketches