Art can be used for many interesting things. An artist can use his/her work to make a statement about politics, religion or morals. Stories can be told, whether fictional or not. My personal favorite use of art, however, is directed towards the study of nature. Many people are visual learners, and I am certainly one of them. To study the veins in a leaf or a human, or the branches of a tree can yield fascinating patterns which would have previously gone unnoticed.

Golden Ratio In learning the art of animation, a keen understanding of how things move and how the laws of physics apply is a necessity. Studying a human’s walk is difficult enough in general, but when personality, mood, and weight are added, the study becomes several degrees harder. In rendering a human face, it is necessary to understand the muscular structure of the face in order to know why the face looks the way it does. Drawing it allows me to study it on a very intimate level.

Collage In all things that can be studied through art, a connection must be created between the artist and the subject. In order for information to flow freely, the artist’s mind must be open to understanding how things of nature interact with each other and with the artist. Whether the final result of the art/study is a still image or a moving one, if it is done correctly, the artist is left with more than just a good piece of art, an illustration, or a sense of accomplishment. The artist walks away with something more precious than these concepts. He/she is imbued with a sense of understanding and experience. This wisdom is more valuable than the price of any art work, because it lasts with the artist longer than money ever could.

Art can be used for many interesting things….