What is polygyny?

Polygyny is a more specific form of polygamy. The difference with polygyny is that one man has multiple wives. This is probably the most common form of polygamy, and it has commonly been practiced throughout many ancient and some modern cutlures. Many Mesopotamian kingdoms had multiple wives and concubines. It was okay then, why can't it be now?


What about polygyny?

Many men in today's world fantasize about being with more than one woman at a time, or perhaps they just want some diversity in their love life. With polygyny, a man can explore man new activities with all or only some of his wives. If one wife is giving a man troubles, he can focus his attention on another wife. They can't all be difficult to please! Beyond just the wives, the in-laws also have to be bearable to some degree. Just keep finding women until you can essentially piece together that perfect family!

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