What are group marriages?

Group marriages are some of the most spectacular forms of polygamy. In order for a group marriage to be had, there must be 2 or more men and women married all to one another. This is like taking polygyny, polyandry, and polyamory and melting them into one great big love-fest! Doesn't it just give you chills thinking about it?

group marriage

Wow, group marriage...

No kidding! What a concept! Could there be anything that could possibly go wrong in a group marriage? The love, care, and support that everyone would provide for one another is mind blowing. There would also be no need for distrust. After a certain amount of spouses, a person's desire for any unfaithful actions must surely be vanquished with love! Just think how wonderful it would be to bring a child into the world in such a large, loving, open-minded family. Everyone assumes responsibility in the growth of such a wonderful act of nature. The happiness just seems to swell at the mere thought of it all, doesn't it?

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