What is bigamy?

Bigamy is like polyamory, only in polyamory, everyone involved in the relationships is aware and concenting to the other relationships. Bigamy is when not all parties are aware of extra lovers in the eqation.


Wrong and Immoral!

Now, naturally, when some amazing, new concept comes along, there are of course a few bad apples that ruin it for everyone else. There is, believe it or not, a down side to the concept of polygamy. That downside is bigamy. The hurt feelings that can be produced with secretive lovers is heart-breaking. In polyamory, the awareness and openess of each relationship is what makes polygamy so beautiful. However, selfishness can exists even in a polygamist relationship that has gone wrong, just like bigamy. What ever could these bigamist, selfish individuals want that cannot be provided through a healthy, informative, open-minded, loving group of people? These are imperfect results of an imperfect world.

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