LeeAnn Bosnyak's Journal

(Intermediate Interactive)

2/3/05                   Journal entry# 1

The Poetics of Interactivity:
I found this article pretty interesting. It started out pretty slow, but it got a little better as it went on. There were way too many unnecessary large words that made the reading of it go very slow. I was pretty interested by all the different forms of interactivity. I realized that interactivity can be with a computer, a tv, or even something like a microwave. I think this author is very aware of the fact that mostly men are in digital art related fields. She is almost too aware. It seems like this is her main focus in the article, when she was only supposed to be talking about interactivity. I was very interested in the different examples of interactive art. I think that the piece with the virtual mom would be very interesting to use. The section about emersion was most familiar to me. I just took Virtual Environments, so I recognized most of the terms she used. In that class we saw a video of one of the pieces she talked about(Osmose) It was a really cool piece, I would like to try it myself.

2/22/05                   Journal entry# 2

Internet Art:
There were some interesting things in this article. I thought that the history behind internet art was pretty interesting. I was supprised to see how much the internet is dominated by the US. I always assumed that the US and european countries had about equal space on the internet. I was a little confused about some points in the article, some parts seemed contridictory. In one paragraph the author talked about the rapid ageing of net art sites, but in another part they talked about how net art is more permanent than other forms of art. The examples of net art were very interesting. I would like to see Pet Pages. I found it very interesting that the links to the pages would "die" as the pets would.

3/31/05                   Journal entry# 3

"Creating complexity from simplicity" a look into Chaos theory, nature and applied interactive design in Flash. and "OU, interactivity as divination as vending machine".
These articles were pertty good. In the first article I couldn't decide if the author was crazy or a genious. I couldn't believe that he would put food coloring in his eyes, and burn his arwork. I found him to be very interesting. this article made me think about being more experimental with my artwork.
The second article was also interesting. I never realized how much people treat ancient practices of divination as a commodity. I found it very interesting how the author tied in these practices with interactivity and randomness. I thought another interesting part was when he talked about how people are always looking for way to understand the future and controll it, which is impossible. The surprising spiral seems like an interesting piece, and I can understand how people can get frustrated when they expect one outcome but get another.