After dabbling in media both traditional and otherwise, I found my passion in digital painting, which allows me to develop and enhance my illustrations in ways that wouldn’t be possible traditionally. With programs like Photoshop, I simulate different traditional styles and apply digital techniques like textures and filters to create unique compositions.

My conceptual passion lies in post-apocalyptic motifs and imagery. It’s fascinating to me to see the effects that tragedy, loss and fear have on the human psyche, and I utilize events like the end of days—warfare, disease, natural disasters—as vehicles to explore the nature of the bare human spirit that we are otherwise forced to stifle in a structured society.

I primarily illustrate characters from my own written stories in broken environments, offering glimpses of their interaction with what little is left of the world as they know it. It is my goal to accurately portray the changing personalities of these characters, and the true desires within their spirit that surface in the wake of unimaginable disaster. I use tenebrism, texture and raw brushstrokes in my work to bring these wastelands to life and to echo the turmoil within the hearts of my subjects, the survivors.

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