The main goal of my artwork is to look deeper into the understandings of negative emotions. My work deals mainly with nightmares, phobias and fears such as claustrophobia, agoraphobia and fear of the dark.

I generally use materials such as graphite or charcoal on paper or canvas in my artwork. I enjoy the dark contrasts and fluid movements that they create. I can make things that are in great detail or that are controlled, to abstract and random forms that have no specific shape. The presence or lack of detail is what personifies the emotion that I portray. Using charcoal in my work gives me the contrast needed to show intense emotion such as claustrophobia.

While two dimensional work is the most common method that I use, I also enjoy making installations. Installations give me the opportunity to cast the viewer into a physically space in which they must directly face the phobias and fears that I present in my two dimensional work.

The main goal of my work, however, is not to scare or frighten the viewer. The viewer may not even be afraid of any of the things portrayed in my work. The most interesting part I feel is simply seeing how they react to a situation. The reactions of the viewer are what inspire me to make in my next piece.

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