Biography - Artist Statement

I believe my art is less what comes off my pencil or is created by the clicking of a mouse, but more of the ideas and creations that flow from my mind. The exotic and fantastic worlds created and played out in my thoughts are in a way dumbed down when caught in a single painting or netted in short clips.

Art for me is partially the communication of ideas and partially my search for a way to take my thoughts, dreams, and imagination, and find an enticing way to manually enjoy them with the plus of pulling other viewers into my universe of creativity. With this invisible and elusive medium still at large, I am searching for outlets to express and share these visions with others.

Hence, my artwork is created. Using pencils, 2d programs and short animation clips, I try to show expression and pass enjoyment to viewers. Through landscapes and characters, I hope to pull people into a world that they have many questions about yet entice them thoroughly as to have them wanting to know more and more.

My imagination and technical skills have soared, not only because of a sturdy art education and hard work for a degree, but because of my outside life of romance with the fantastic. I inherit my imagination from games and novels dating back to the 80’s… artists from books and games include Rob Alexander, Todd Lockwood, and Justin Brandstater. Looking through their art, I see their imagination and their stories come to life.

Is this my own imagination taking hints and running its own course or is this actually what the artist viewed? This question, though seemingly irrelevant, plagues me. I understand the want to portray proper parallels to potential protagonists, but I feel that if you parley the practicality of persuading people for your position and instead persist for a purposeful pull for people’s possessive preferences, your position and proposal of phony pragmatism proceeds to plummet to the perilous pull of planarity. Therefore, I insist to continue in a path of discovery for a way to properly exhibit my worlds, my thoughts, my views, and my imagination for the enjoyment of not only myself, but the enjoyment, with full understanding, of others whom my artwork has intrigued.