About Kristin Steusloff

Observing people while taking note of their peculiar traits, Kristin Steusloff creates portraits to express personality. Wondering why people act the way they do and why we as people are so judgmental of others is something she always incorporate into her artwork. Steusloff believes that by challenging the viewer to look past the painting and discover its actual meaning not only helps someone to better understand the art, but to understand themselves.

By dealing with a direct gaze her work becomes more personal with the viewer and challenges them to be curious and decide on what it is they are seeing. Steusloff's work is not about providing her own specific views, but making people question what it is they are looking at. She believes that if we do not challenge our narrow views then we cannot overcome our daily struggles, so her work allows people to question their surroundings and create a new outlook on life which can help people become more positive and willing to accept other people’s ideas.

Kristin Steusloff will be receiving her BFA of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University in the Spring of 2013. She focuses on digital art and portrait painting. She currently resides in Findlay, Ohio.