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My name is Kevin O'Grady and I am Digital Arts major at Bowling Green State University. Getting to Bowling Green and becoming a Digital Arts major was a long process for me. After graduating high school in 2002, I attended Malone college in Canton, Ohio where I majored in History. After a year and a half of schooling, I descided it wasn't working for me and moved back home. While at home I attended Tri-C Fire Academy where I recieved my National EMT and Fire Fighter certification. While working I descided to take a couple art classes and fell in love with it. After almost two years of working and taking side classes I made the decision to go back to school full time and finish my major in art. I enrolled in Bowling Green and since I've always enjoyed computers and digital photography I became a Digital Arts major. My main interest is in Animation and 3-D rendering but I enjoy all aspects of digital art.

I have been at Bowling Green for almost two years now and love what I am doing. It's a great feeling to wake up everyday and look forward to starting your day. I hope to some day work in game design doing character rendering or work in the commercial advertising field doing some animation work.