The little fairy woke up in the morning,

ready for a day of adventure with her


She flew to the spot where she would always go to

meet them, but they were nowhere to be found.

She looked around, confused.

Her friends were just here yesterday.

They were always here.

She decided to wait for her friends to come back.

They wouldn't leave her alone for long.

She was sleeping so well, she didn't notice the rustling of the woodland creatures who came and took her friends away.

The little fairy flew back to her flower and fell fast asleep.

As much as she wanted to stay up and play with her

new friends, the little fairy was so tired from making them, she had to to sleep.

She went and gathered anything she could use. She worked all day to make sure her new friends were ready to go adventuring.

But the little fairy got lonely waiting for her friends to come back. She decided to make some more friends to keep her company.