Kelly Bresnan

     As a life-long artist, I have always been motivated by the world around me. Many things like nature, love, friends and family each move me and give me willpower to create something. The world is beautiful, but can also be such a scary place and I think art in any form can help share various expressions and get others to feel something amazing as well, no matter what the emotion may be.
     In creating my works, I try to make the theme so that almost anyone can relate to it and understand it's meaning. This can be very useful in that it can attract more viewers. A viewer is not going to linger on a piece if they do not understand it or feel as if the concept is out of their grasp. Some themes are very childish, while others are something more understandable and fully grasped by adults.
     I decided, for most of my works, that I enjoy using a digital medium. With a computer, almost anything can be created and any effect added or manipulated to work with that piece. I think these additives are very affective to the art world and can better enhance the viewing pleasures. Another thing with digital artwork would be accessibility. It is very easy, not only to display your art in a gallery, but to put your artwork on the web and have so many more people see it, whether it be professionals or amateurs. With the internet you can get more direct feedback where it is easier to manage, as opposed to personal confrontation with many people in a gallery only to not remember the comments or suggestions given.
     My techniques are pretty contrasting, either consisting of bright colors or very dark gloomy ones. I usually work with a cartoonistic style, as it is a strong interest of mine and one I can really relate to. Although the style may not be realistic, it is not done in a childish manner or theme. Although I am not interested in animating myself, I am deepyly influenced by many animation techniques, some being very simplistic and outline-based.