Welcome to my web portfolio! I am happy to share my work with you. What you see here is an accumulation of a number of years of work. My background is in two-dimensional art, as it is my major. I spent the first three years of my education here at BGSU as a drawing & painting major, moving back and forth between these media. For the last year and a half, I have been readying myself for a career in biomedical communication (otherwise known as medical illustration.) I have always been interested in the natural world, and wondered at its interconnectedness. Studying science at the college level has only increased my awareness of this fact. Although my focus has, out of necessity, shifted to more academic courses, these courses have helped to provide me with a wealth of inspiration for new fine art pieces. I continually work to find balance within my life, and these studies certainly fulfill the balance I was searching for in a career.

I hope that you enjoy the work on these pages. If you have any questions regarding the size and/or media of any of these pieces, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Kelly Seemann

http://kaseaweed.blogspot.com/ kaseema@bgnet.bgsu.edu