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As a child, video games facinated me to such a extent that i felt the need to be involved in the making of them.This being true, a lot of my art is based off fantasy and science-fiction while i take from the real world to give the element some life that cant be done on its own. In my work i hope to make the viewer imageine the things i make in its own fantastic universe where anything can happen.
About Me

My name is Just'n Firestine and I am a digital artist, ever sense I took my first photoshop course in high school I knew that this was the future for me. I was always good at drawing but it isnt something I enjoy doing as much as creating art with digital programes. My love for the digital arts brought me to Bowling Green State University where I am currently perfecting my skill in 3D animation, digital art, and traditional art. My dream is to one day have the knowledge and ability to craft 3D modles and digital art alike in a job environment.