Is This Profound?

What can change the nature of a man?

Are you yourself?

Why do you do what you do?

What is it that defines you?

Are you not yourself for another?

Would you show yourself to others?

Do you wear a mask?

Do they consider you a friend?

When all is said who remains?

If they knew you would they still care?

Do you limit yourself for others?

What are your Desires ?

Do you indulge?

Are you spoiled?

Are you thankful?

Do you take things for granted?

Do things pass you by?

How often do you give into Hunger?

Does this bother you?

Do you care?

Would you like to see what the Riddle is? Does any of this make sense? Does anything ever?




Would you sacrifice for them?

Would they sacrifice for you?

If you could do whatever you wished?

How often do you Socialize with others?

What do you discuss?

What is your greatest desire?

Are you conisdered good?

What do you call good?

What do they say of you?

What when you are not around?

Does any of this mean anything to you?

Do you ignore the questions you are faced with?

Are you afraid to answer?

Do you feel you have failed?

What have you done?

Will you be forgotten?

Do you not ask yourself this?

Are you afraid of what you might learn?

Does the thought frighten you?

Do you not wish to know?