On the Base

Chief Mechanic Wolf

So, its true then. The PAS are being outfitted with military grade weapons. Thats not good. If the PAS are being outfitted with guns, then that means the CLF is in system. If things get out of control on this world, well it won't be pretty. What's worse, a Hailstorm is an anti-armor weapon, that will do some serious collateral damage if used in the cities. It's gona be bad even if the higher ups decide not to use that firepower though. If the CLF is susected to be have even the slighest operation on the planet the Commonwealth is going to start sending in squads of thier 'special police' to harrass the civies for suspected CLF spies and supporters. Life's gona get real hard for the people here, as if working ourselves to death for a living at the nobles command wasn't bad enough.

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