A Brief History

This is a story, who's focus will be on dialogue, choice and one's own personal feelings. While the events of the story do not end before the story does, the choices of the reader will affect how the tale plays out from their own perspective. The main focus of this story is that the protagonist is not a major player in the story, he is merely the wrong person in the right place at the perfect time. There is no threat of death in this story, as such things are a cheap attempt to detract from a good story, however, the main character may easily be maimed if they are careless.

The story takes place in the distant future as mankind has spread out across the galaxy, yet has reached a technological plateau and still relies heavily on combustible fuels to operate its vast industry. The style will be more inclined to that of an illustrated book whose focus is on the dialogue that occurs between the characters. The story was heavily influenced by famous science-fiction works like "DUNE", "Starship Troopers", and "BattleTech"; but much work has been put in to ensure that they remain influence and that this book does not steal, mirror, lift, or plagerise anything from them.

What was originally an entirely fleshed out novel was taken and cut into a fraction so that only the prologue will be used in this story. The main character all throughout is not some great hero, or a great rise to power, it will be about one person who has to dealk with what life throws at them.

The story takes place in the year 2902, but we begin in the year 2189 as mankind has overcrowded Earth and strained its resources to the breaking point. With a population of 147 billion humanity pooled itself together into one massive single United Nation, or fled to live out life in the crimal world as an unsavory and undesirable lawbreaker. The new world government had become utterly uncaring of the value of human life and constantly fearful of a planet-wide riot to tear the Earth apart, its military employing a brutal and merciless tyranny to control the masses. Faster than light travel was already developed and well into production, but only the wealthy could afford the supplies and starships to escape the confines of Earth. With no known habitable worlds located and no way to successfully grow vegetation, any hope of space base colonization crumbled. It was called the Second Dark Age of Man, the doom of humanity was certain.

Until what is now called the Miracle of Modern Science occured. In 2205, Dr. Jerred Powlouvski, created the devices now known as ECONS. The ECONS were elaborate dome structures that had the capabilty to take minerals from a planets crust and convert the molecules to create an O-zone and full stable atmosphere around an entire planet. With the mass use of the ECONS the colonization of thousands of star systems was overseen by the world governemnt, now calling itself TERRA, and numerous corporations. Through the use of ECONS, many worlds were used solely for the bountiful vegetation they could produce as a means of feeding the countless systems that dotted the Milixy Way. In just 200 years humanity's population grew exponentially with the infinite resources of space and the ECONS. With over 3 trillion humans and the unified goals of TERRA, humanity had spread over 20% of the worlds of the Milky Way.Yet not all colonies were created legally, and soon people unsatified with thier lives under TERRA began to break away and cut thier planets ties with the rest of the unified government. Many of these planets were worlds directly under a company's control and did not adhere to TERRA standards and ethics.

This age of expansion and wealth could not last forever. Soon the millions of corporations that had spread thier holdings across every inch of the colonization efforts had quickly turned on each other over petty income and greed. Fearful of hostile takeover and assimilation, many corporation's paranoia led them to begin to hire out explorers and pirates as mercenaries to defend themselves against any threats from their competitors. Soon, paranoia turned into violence, and in 3 months humanity had fractured into countless factions that threatened to tear itself apart.

It wasn't until a handful of heroes; pilots, tacticians, economic and logicistic experts took the field and began to unify factions under one banner, calling itself the Commonwealth. In 3 years, the Commonwealth had destroyed or assimilated all other factions, creating peace for a time. Those few who began the Commonwealth, were hailed as heroes. They became the first nobles, and would aid in running in the Commonwealth alongside the single corporation VennTech, who would monitor all other companies to ensure safe business for all in the Commonwealth.

However, several hundred years have passed since the Commonwealth was first unified, and those who inherited the noble title did not do so with skill or wisdom as thier ancestors, in the face of their greed a new threat has arisen to challenge them. Calling themselves the Colonial Liberation Front, they seek to end the nobles reign to free the people of the colonies who work tirelessly, while the nobles lounge daily as their every need is catered to. And the CLF will kill anyone and destroy anything that tries to stand in the way of their goals.

Our story begins on the colony world Tolari Prime. A desolate world of rock and barren dirt, where violent dust storms are commonplace, and the blistering heat of a close red sun creates a long 16 hours of day and night. After having failed at growing vegetation, Commonwealth officials turned the planet into a strip mining operation for the vast mineral wealth the planet holds. A lone mechanic is scheduled to arrive at the military base on planet via jeep, inbound from a recent routine inspection of poilice vehicles.