Inside the Vehicle Hangar

Narrator: The mighty PAS stands before you, a testament to military advancement. The pinnacle vehicle of war, the Personal Armored Suit. What was once thought to be built specifically for moving heavy objects and acting as a manuverable crane for starships and enclosed areas was turned into the most devastating war machine made by humanity to date.

The hyrdaulics on the main cannon are easily fixed with broken components replaced and the system recalibrated. The Hailstorm however, seems to be in shambles. Indeed the lowest paid contractor put this auto-loader together, but all the pieces are present and with the schematics in hand a few hours is all it will take to get this system running.

Just as the Auto-loader begins to fire up and is running properly you notice one of the electricians working on a crate by the forklifts. Odd as no one was supposed to be in the vehicle hangar at this time, but he looks like he is having trouble and could use a hand.

Investigate the Stranger

Begin the Test Drive