Due to recent complications, and some unforseen yet somehow predictable disastrous weather, most of my artworks were comlpetely destroy due to flood damage. To add insult to injury, it is quite difficult to properly fill an art portfolio, without art. Due to this the 3D, 2D, and concepts section of this site will be left empty and the interactive artworks will be perpetually open by default until as such a time comes that I am able to properly restore my works and get them into a presentable condition. But I would advice against one holding thier breath.

As I am no longer an art major, moving on to the College of Technology, the sole reason for the creation of this portfolio was to satisfy the obligations I made to finish all of the coursework I had signed up for this semester to the best of my ability.

Please do not be angered by my use of standard font and text for this section fo the portfolio, as the purpose of this page was not to dazzle, but to explain my current situation.

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