The Protest has lasted a whole month and is still going strong. They have accumulated over $300,000 in donations and also a large supply of shelf and canned goods. Many of the donations have letters accompanied with them describing support of the protests or sharing a story about how they have been affected.
The movement is not only gaining the attention of celebrities, but also the attention of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who expressed sympathy for the protestors saying "Some issues raised are worth considering."
Occupy Wall Street went from a few tents in the Manhattan park to hundreds of thousands of people rallying around the world. Protests have begun in London, Rome, and many other parts of Europe.

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, referred to the protests during the dedication ceremony of the Martin Luther King Jr monument. In his speech he said that the leader "would want us to challenge the excesses of Wall Street without demonizing those who work there."