I am currently working on a few different works that combine my interests of science and art. These subjects have always been a focus in my education that is usually reflected in my artwork. My fascination for human psychology most often inspires my work. When working on a piece, I like to consider how the viewer will interpret the work. The most gratifying part about creating art for me is seeing how viewers react to it. One of my most recent conceptual endeavors is to combine organic objects and machinery to form the contradictory concept of the “organic machine.” I’m working on a series that intermixes cellular biology and man-made electronics. Scientist Ray Kurzweil, who theorizes the merging of man and machine, inspires this current body of work. I’m also very involved in combining digital art with more traditional forms of art like drawing and painting. I work mostly with Photoshop, Maya, collage and drawing with pastels, charcoal, graphite, pen, and watercolors.