I was raised in the small town of Sidney, Ohio. I am the middle child with two older and two younger siblings. I have three brothers named Travis, Nate, and Brad. I also have a sister named Stacie. Growing up with many siblings helped me to become a very social person. I have always had a natural curiosity of the world around me. I’m the kind of person that wants to know how everything works. As a result I decided at a young age that I would pursuit a college education to better myself. A few of my hobbies include: skateboarding, snowboarding, golf, basketball, baseball, drawing, making short films, watching movies, playing video games, etc. In high school I played golf at the varsity level my sophomore year and received many honors including the “Wildcat Award.” I was also a part of the baseball, basketball, and track programs. In the classroom I had a natural talent when it came to art. My art teacher in high school is the one who first really got me thinking about becoming an art major in college. Psychology is my other major interest in college. My fascination with the human mind has led me to take many psychology courses through the duration of my college career. After I receive my bachelor’s degree I can see myself attending graduate school for psychology and becoming a therapist some day. Whatever I choose to do as a career I will do so with passion and enthusiasm.