Welcome to the online home of my digital portfolio. Here you will find examples of the work that I have completed thus far in my studies. I will be updating this work periodically over the course of my completing my degree in Digital Art at Bowling Green State University. This site also includes writings and music that I have completed over the past few years. There are some parts of the site that require the Adobe® Flash® Player to be viewed properly. You can download the latest Flash Player here.

I will use the section below as a blog that will update you on the progress of the development of this site. I may start posting articles about other topics here as well, but for now I have no plans of that kind.

Portfolio Site is coming together

FEB 4 2008

The overall design of the site is coming along quite nicely. The colors are all chosen and the navigation is in place. I will be filling out the content in the next day or so to finish up the site. I'm still working on some of the bugs with the layout, but those should be ironed out soon as well.

It's just about done!

FEB 6 2008

The site is just about done. All of the pages are in place and links are starting to come together. I'm working on adding a few animations to make the user experience a bit more enjoyable. The effects are being created with the help of the Mootools.js framework. This framework helps to extend the DOM functions and attributes of elements and includes some methods to create sliding and opacity animations.

It's finally done!

APR 30 2008

Finally the site is done to the point of functioning! There is still some content that doesn't exist yet. That is due mainly to my lack of digital versions of my traditional pieces. Those will be gathered as soon as possible and added to their appropriate galleries. If you have any problems with the site, please e-mail me.