Portfolio of Web Works

GSA Web Presence

Web presence for the Green Sports Alliance, an organization concerned with the greening of sports effecting change through technological breakthroughs and more sustainable sports implementation. The website is currently the primary tool of communication of the brand to non members, and is therefore essential in presenting the brand's values and mission.

Gizmo's Berg Erdvernture

An interactive nonlinear story told via website. The user is cast in the role of an adorable pug who must navigate through a house towards the ultimate goal of going out and relieving her bladder before it's too late.
css3, html5

Sinclair Portfolio Page

Part of a system created for the senior portfolio show of Sinclair Community College. The web presence was used to showcase the graduating class' work, organize information on the event for attendees, and contained a form for registering to attend the event.

Buying Local

Experimental interactive website responding to the social issue of buying local and the effects of local purchases on the economy. Using jquery for animation and interactivity, illustrations seem to slide out of frame and usher forth the body text based on the imagery.
jscript, jquery, css,html5

Graphic Dictionary

A website used as a graphic dictionary to illustrate definitions related to design.