Portfolio of Print Works

RGX Packaging

Conceptual packaging re-design for the defunct Right Guard Xtreme line. Combines a masculine and technologically advanced aesthetic to match the packaging to the values of the line. The containers were created in Maya and labels were created in photoshop.
3d modeling, packaging, die lines

Zombie Survival Field Guide

Book design to convey a complex process. Illustrations and photography help to create pacing and connect to the body text for a reader trying to survive in a world overrun with zombies. The cover is fashioned in stainless steel with steel post binding.
page layout, book binding

Historical Figure Poster

Poster design using typography to characterize a historical figure. The neoclassical guitarist Yngqie Malmsteen's style is connected via the poster's utilization of metalic golden type and classic serif typography with addition of texture and color reminiscent of the guitarist's attire and tastes.
page layout, photoshoppery

Green Sports Alliance 'Greenify'

Conceptual mail away booklet used as a touchpoint to connect potential partners to the Green Sports Alliance, an organization concerned with the greening of sports effecting change through technological breakthroughs and more sustainable sports implementation.
page layout, photoshoppery, copy editing

Art in TARTA Buswrap

Vehicle wrap design for a partnership between the Arts Commission and Art in TARTA. Using the keyword Creativity and incorporating elements of machinery or technology, a poem was used for inspiration in the design.
photoshoppery, vehicle wrap