About Me
My name is Joshua Nagy. I am a designer & front end developer from Dayton, Ohio.

I utilize the craft of visual language to provide order, clarity, simplicity, appeal, and style to a world of monotony and clutter.

This website was created with HTML 5, CSS3, javascripting, and with the utmost care and love.

I am proficient in the following software:


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
Bowling Green State Univsersity
Bowling Green, Ohio 2013.

Associates of Applied Arts and Sciences in Visual Communication
Sinclair Community College
Dayton, Ohio 2010.

Certification in Desktop Publishing and Media Technology
Sinclair Community College
Dayton, Ohio 2009.


I am currently accepting client work in the fields of page layout, vehicle wrap design, installation design, front end development and website design, and packaging design.

If your job does not fit into one of these categories, drop me a letter anyway and we'll see if it could work out.